Jumat, 05 Agustus 2011

GPA Fail

After enrolling my son into his new school, they posted his cumulative GPA to his stats page and boy wasn't I proud when it popped up with a fat 1.92!!

OMG.. I have never seen a GPA that low. Needless to say there was one LONG ass lecture after that and when I pointed out how I expected this term to be alot higher in his usual smart ass self he responds, " Well I wanted to set the bar low... it can only go up."

Urgh teenagers!

Although it's not like its the GPA or the grades that really matter to me. I want them to learn the subject. Overall his score reflects the fact that his midterm and final grades were A's but the homework and participation grades were zeros. Equals D's in his world. Frustrating none-the-less.

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