Sabtu, 27 Agustus 2011

First Day... Fail

So apparently there was a mix up and not only did my class start last week, NOT TODAY, but I also missed a quiz I can't make up.

HOLY FUCK!! How on earth did this happen? I checked that date a million freaking times and it showed up as the 27th not the 20th. Of course when I go in today and look at it the dates are no longer there because class had "started"

I totally SUCK at life this week! I got a call from work saying we need to discuss some issues when I go in on Monday. Course I know its about being behind on paperwork and all due to all this back and forth to the PICU stuff but anyway... you never want to hear those words.

I have been looking for extra hours and have actually gotten to interviews for adult visiting nursing and prn facility shifts. So worse comes to worse and I get in more trouble than I should... well... here's hoping!

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