Selasa, 05 Juli 2011

The problem with homecare

Is that when the client is not home I do not get paid. One week was doable but two weeks is downright on the brink of scary for my wallet. I think I have to seriously reevaluate this process. Of course with class during the day, my options are limited. BUT I really am going to have to think about this hard. We can not live without my paycheck being big. We just can't. And if I want to go get my RN we need for my job to fit in with school.

This job did that, however, even though she came on on Sat. I still was not able to work on Monday, which would have saved me, being as though it was a holiday, because the damn case wasn't opened back up.

This just plain fucking sucks. So even though she is home her Mom says she is sick and needs to go back to the doctor, so I still have no idea if I am working this week or not. URGH!!!

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