Sabtu, 23 Juli 2011

Do I wanna put myself through this again?

So over the past 8 weeks I have been going to school and working 4 days a week. Learning a tough subject, having nightmares and stress breakouts over it, and getting very little sleep. I am SOOO glad to report that the chem equation nightmares have stopped! So here in lies my dilemma though...

Microbiology is coming next. I am enrolled in an 8 week class again, which means class 4 days a week with lab 2 days. Same as before. Of course those are the exact same days I work. Except this time it will give me a few hours to sleep after work before class and a few hours before I have to go into work after class. Except unlike Chemistry the school is NOT close to where I work or where I live. So it'll cost a ton more in gas and those extra hours after school will be filled by driving. I want to do the 8 week because it will complete in October in time for the applications for the RN block 3. Of course they won't know if they have placements until December and the 16 week Saturday class ends in early December. Hummmm....

What to do?? I do know that I can submit my application with the Micro in progress since it will complete by the time selection happens, plus the higher your HESI the greater your chances of placement, and my HESI was pretty damn high. But incomplete applications are put to the bottom of the stack.

Urgh... I am really leaning toward the Saturday 16 week class for my sanity and all But I don't know! It'll only a short time and I made it through this one!

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