Sabtu, 25 Juni 2011


So I seem to need to sleep all the time. I think this night shift then staying up all day for class has made it so that I must be missing a ton of sleeping. I wasted my whole Friday just sleeping. I went to bed at 7am when I got out of work on Friday morning, slept until about 12 I think, then went back to sleep at 3pm and slept until 9pm. Then stayed up until 1am. Then slept until 10 am this morning.

I am finished with my Pharmacology class except for the final which I think I am going to take next Friday. We got an extension until the 5th.

The second Chem exam is on Monday. A few of my quizzes had dipped down into the 70-80% range from the previous 100% range with these new chapters, but this is getting to be the hard stuff. Chemical equations and all that. I should be studying, but I am procrastinating like a big dog on everything lately.

My private duty case is in the PICU again. So I may or may not have to work on Monday. Sad on a few counts that's for sure.

I really want to get my son out of the house today to do something, but its 113 outside and we really don't have the extra money and I really should be studying. LOL what to do?

Ok so this is pretty much just blabber at this point... so off to finish up some Pharm final related study guide crap.

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