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EHR Billing Software Features

EHR Billing Software to help medical practices manage their finances has been around for decades. 
EHR Billing Software covers a wide range of functions and features: 

  • tracking patient demographics, visits, and diagnoses
  • collecting, transmitting, and tracking billing information and insurance payments
  • managing appointment scheduling
  • generating a variety of reports
In addition, most ehr billing programs will also bring you into compliance with the sections of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) that specify increased security standards, ANSI billing formats, and more.

Note that we say "most" - some ehr software may provide only partial HIPAA compliance. You should quiz vendors carefully about the HIPAA compliance of any software you are evaluating, particularly around electronic billing and security measures. Here are some major benefits of EHR Billing:

  • Improved staff productivity - easy-to-use software improves efficiency.
  • Increased patient and customer satisfaction - more flexibility in scheduling and better access to personal information.
  • Faster payment from insurers - paper claims usually take 30 - 60 days, electronic claims are usually paid in 10 - 14 days instead.
  • Fewer errors in billing and insurance - correct and resubmit in hours, instead of weeks.

First, make sure you include the right people in the purchasing process. Physicians, office managers, receptionists, and billing managers will all have different viewpoints and important concerns: taking any major steps towards a purchasing decision without involving every role is likely to lead to problems down the line.
A successful medical billing software decision includes not only choosing the right software - but choosing the right supplier. Qualified suppliers will listen to your needs during the sales process, help your office run smoothly during and after the transition, and provide the training and support you require.
Nortec EHR is best solution for all billing needs of any practice, because it provides smooth technical manoeuvres, keeping in mind physicians’ in-depth usage.

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