Senin, 09 Mei 2011

Electronic Health Records: Productivity?

With the popularity of computers and the ability for them to sort through information within a short time frame it is no surprise that this system would be applied to the medical files and information. Health records have been around for many years and it wasn't until recently that they have become computerized. There are many benefits of electronic health records that make finding information easily accessible for medical professionals as well as the medical staff to help patients in their treatment.

An Electronic health record includes an array of information that includes the past medical history of the patient and can be used to transfer important files to providers from the convenience of their computer. Such information includes demographic data, medical history, medications, allergies, immunization status, laboratory test results, other tests results, radiology imaging and billing information.

Not only do the Benefits of electronic health record help with the process of patient care. It helps also ensure that everyone helping the patient is on the same page, so there is less room for confusion. This type of electronic system also helps increase the care provided by the physician as well as cuts expenses and promotes generalization of care.

Another benefit of using electronic health records is that it saves space. The office will no longer have to be filled with filing cabinets full of patients' paper records. Since it doesn't take very long for the Patients care giver to place new information onto the patients electronic record, it also saves employees time. The reduction in use of paper is also a money saver. Not only do doctor's offices and hospitals save space and use much less paper, the insurance companies also collect the benefits of electronic health records. Because the doctor's office can send records immediately to the insurance company, any claims are handled in a much quicker way.

Because some patients may have multiple medical problems that cause them to see several different types of physicians the electronic system allows each doctor to keep track of what is happening in the patients all around treatment process. Nortec EHR has specific features which make it unique among a new market of Healthcare Information Technology products. Most importantly, features of Nortec EHR which enable the centralized management of medical practices are a key component to the success of our systems solution. Nortec pledges to offer physicians an Electronic Health Record solution that is customized and tailored to meet specific needs.

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