Kamis, 14 April 2011

Summer 1

So in order to defer my current student loans back into in school status I was 0.5 credits short. So thus the search began for an online relateable and/or easy class for the Summer 1 semester. So I am taking:

1.5 credits Pharmacology and Med Administration for Nurses (online) This is actually a repeat class because mine has "expired". So since I know way more about meds than I did the first time, I am hoping I can continue with the A.

4 credits Chemistry 130 w/ lab- In-person Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu with added lab on Mon and Wed. Which I am freaked out about. My daughter's boyfriend promised to help me with the class, and a friend from my old work is actually going to be taking it with me.

Then I found this gem...

0.5 credits Interpretation Of Laboratory Diagnostic Examinations - (online) This one I am actually excited about because as a Nurse these are very important. As a working nurse, I used to see these values every day and wasn't really sure about the understanding of what is critical to report etc.

AND most importantly, as a Nursing student any " 1 up " I can get is a massive help. Oh and let's not forget the NCLEX!!

Sooo if you haven't noticed I am a type A personality with a proclivity to procrastinate and change my mind. It may be the Gemini in me. However, I like to plan and plan ahead. Once I really set my mind to something, I charge full on. yet, we all know that if I am not sure sure...I waiver and woe. Thus you get all my previous posts about RN school and school options.

I have even being studying the RN Q&A book from NURSE TEENY whom I won it from. Which has helped alot, and the best part is that I actually have been doing VERY well with the questions. I have to retake the HESI-A2 and HESI=PN for entrance exams and although I score HUGE on both previous, I would like to ROCK my old scores out of the water.

But, most importantly, I am also excited. Which means, that yes this is finally the right time for a return to school. I just hope that having to work full-time this time, is going to be ok.

PS... I have another interview... LMAO

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