Selasa, 05 April 2011

Flourescent Orange Pee

Oh my God.... I had the worst bladder spasms on Sunday and Monday night. Weird because they followed a completely normal day, with no issues or symptoms. Then BANG both days right around 3 I thought I was going to die.

The spasms were so bad by the end of yesterday I must have seemed like a crazy person. Mind you I was at work, so for two hours I had to run to the bathroom like every 5 minutes. I also had to try to hold in a scream as I peed. But of course the tears were just pouring out of my eyes. Thankfully no one was there and the baby was being nice and taking a nap. So weird because I have NO burning, just this feeling that can only be described as a MAJOR contraction, yes I mean labor pain, with the sensation of "let down", nursing mother's will get the idea. So after peeing blood. I had to run to Urgent Care after work and get some pyridium to numb my bladder. I also had to buy some urinary support pads so that during the drive home I could... yes so I could pee myself. OK so its totally more that you want to know. But if you have ever had this type of pain you would do it too.

The weird thing. Dipstick negative. But I do have a low grade temp. Soooo... Prophylactic Bactrium DS and pyridium PRN for spasm. Because I have a crazy history and KNOW I need meds. I am sure the culture will grow something nasty and the UA will show some RBC & WBCs when it comes back.

Have you every had this?

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