Jumat, 08 April 2011

An inconveinent truth

So apparently I can NOT turn down a shift when offered to me by my current employer. I received a call from my staffing chick, asking if I would pick up a shift today. So no I can't, I don't have a car today, as I let the girl take it to school. So needless to say I can not cover a 10 am to 6 pm shift. So, she says can you do tomorrow? I say no I had other plans and really can't and don't want to. I picked up extra shifts at my other job and well I am tired. So she huff's and whatevers and hangs up. Mind you I actually was considering it and going to call back. But I needed a minute to think about it.

So needless to say I get a call back from the HR person, with her haughty attitude pretty much ripping me a new one. Demanding this, bitching about that. So I am like, "Well whatever, I guess if I have to I have to." in my equally haughty attitude. So I pick up tomorrow's shift. Whatever.

But mind you... I AM NOT the one who changed my hours this week to begin with. I graciously agreed that I would work a different set of hours this week so they could cover another parents. Is it my problem that I agreed to accept the extra day off because the staffing chick did NOT want to call a bunch of people and rearrange things, because the other case settled early? Is it my bad that the Nurse on the case I work 2 days a week got sick and I have 8 hours of "available" time because the scheduler didn't want to do her job?

Fuck them and fuck this shit! Someones true colors come out with their attitude and I am not the type of person who will put up with it. Apparently as flexible as I am they are NOT. Onesided bullshit.

Live and learn. Its the nature of the beast that is Healthcare.

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