Senin, 21 Februari 2011

Mock Survey

So our new Corporate owners sent in some white coated "Mock" Surveyors bright and early this am.

I escaped having to do the run through with them today, but I know I will have to do it tomorrow. I managed to get the cart pretty cleaned up, but I am sure there will be SOMETHING that I will miss, or that will get messed up. I mean after all the evening shift and the night shift will have used my cart since I fixed it.

Today they came through and asked a few questions of the CNAs one of which was, " Do the licensed staff come through and check the meal tickets before the trays are passed?"

Ok, is it me or does this sound like an out of the question kind of thing to do.? There are 3 carts of trays, 60 meals that come up twice a shift and I have to go through and read every ticket before it is passed out? What do I drop my med pass and pick up a clipboard and go through and check off the diets and such?

1. I have meds to pass at that time (which mind you need to be on time & correct)
2. Can't the CNA's read the ticket ?
3. Hasn't dietary already checked the diet?
4. I already have to interrupt med pass to answer the phone, get O2, in case of emergency, and to hunt down any number of medications missing for the AM pass.

Apparently they do this in California. Um? Do they staff differently? WTF?

Why on earth would the only person who has 30 + people to give med to in a two hour window, have to do ONE more thing?

I received a call from home health care... I am thinking my ass will be calling them back pretty soon!

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