Minggu, 30 Januari 2011

When I get what I want...

It can be a pretty happy place! Of course this relates to work. Since I've been on days I feel more burned out than when I was on the evening shift and staying up till 2am. Why? I think it may be the 40 + hours each week and the getting up before the sun does? Well I had hoped to go back to a 32 hour zero weekend shift and yup, you know it, I GOT MY WAY.

When all these changes from the new company came down I had the sneaking suspicion that our weekend evening shift person would quit again. Well she did and thus the double weekend position opened up.

What that means for me is, NO WEEKEND shifts. It also meant that the girl taking them would be one shift from the 40 hours that she wanted so, of course being the nice person that I am, I offered her my Wednesday day shift. So now I am back to my original Mon Tue Thur Fri week... except on days!

I am thinking I will start to feel better and my foot will get the much needed break it deserves.

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