Rabu, 12 Januari 2011

Bad Blogger

I just really haven't had much to blog about. I am torn between what I want to do and being the procrastinator that I am. I have moved forward with school though, but I really want to go the Community College route, because I actually miss the style, I get excited and then stressed about it at the same time. Too much jumping through hoops. I just want to be RN eligible soon!... Of course Working 40 hours and going to school another 20 + a week is just too daunting to think about. So I am pretty much on the same route I was heading. Right now I am in a Nursing Process and Careplanning class, which ends the end of February. BORING! Then its Transitions to the RN role which ends the end of April. BORING! Then its Maternal Health and Reproduction which ends the end of June.

Work is work. We have a very low census right now, the new owners have been cleaning house with Management and there is just a gloom and doom sense all over the building. Soooo many changes.

I am in search of another copy of Office 2007 because the damn cat pushed it off the kitchen table and the damn puppy ate it! The cheapest I could find it was $114. But damn even that is pricey.

Hummmm... what else? Oh I have been reading alot. Finished a whole series and started a new one by Rick Riordan and was going to start through the various works of Jane Austin but MUST get studying done. So I put the Nook aside for a few weeks. I have a test on the 28th I need to get ready for.

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