Sabtu, 11 Desember 2010

And so...

Yeah the ADN option has opened up and I can start classes this coming January. Its accelerated so I can finish in about 10-12 months as long as I am able to finish my 8core classes and 2 co reqs within the time frame of 5-6 week intervals.

At this point the key words are faster progression. It would make more since to be able to have that RN sooner. The money opens up faster and the BSN part can come in later.

With that said though of course nearly all of the hospital jobs for RNs are saying BSN preferred, and there are no new grad jobs. So of course there are some hurdles to everything... but since I have a job already the options are plentiful after getting that RN because even if I have to continue to work in LTC until I do manage to get that coveted OR position, it comes with a hefty salary increase to help pay off my other student loans.

Now to hurry and get my ducks in row on this other track and get moving.

Of course now I have to tell the other school that I would rather defer placement.

But come on.. bust my ass to get to NCLEX in early 2012 or bust my ass to get to NCLEX in 2014?

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